Frequently Asked Questions - 

What Materials are used for the items?

I use STAINLESS STEEL metal fittings for all items.

I choose to use stainless steel for a number of reasons

1. It keeps the cost down for you and me

2. I find it is harder wearing product and will not tarnish

How many different horses can be used in any one item?

You can choose to have 2 or more horses  hair used in any item.


For example: If you have 5 horses you can have hair form each used in a 5 braid.


The option is yours.

How long will it last?

If you look after your item you will have it for quite some time.


Please REMOVE your item when swimming, showering or washing dishes. 

The less it gets wet the better.

The Glue used just like any glue will deteriorate over time when constantly exposed to water.

If it does get wet remove and allow to dry completely before wearing again, once dried you can spray with hairspray if you so wish.


DO NOT expose to harsh chemcals, such as bleach, hand sanitiser etc, so please remove when cleaning etc, chemicals can/may tarnish the fittings or weaken the glue.

Do i have enough hair? / Can i send Mane hair?

If your horse has died and you kept some hair and you would like something made, please take a photo and send it to me to have a look. 

Please use a ruler in the photo so i get an idea as to how long it is.

I know that when our beloved animals pass just how painful it can be, Maybe you took some hair but not enough. 

I do offer options if this is the case

1. I can add extra hair to your horse hair using the best match possible so we have enough for an item

2. I can do a 2 tone bracelet by adding a contrasting colour, For example your deceased horse was chestnut we can use a white for a contrast. Photos of 2 tone bracelets can be found in the photo albums.

3. i now offer options such as the necklace locket and also the infinity bracelet which requires less hair then most other options.

I can not lengthen the hair in any way so if its to short for a bracelet then a tassle or a braided pendent for a necklace may be the only option.

Did you collect Mane hair instead of horse hair

I use Tail hair mainly as its thicker stronger and easier to work with.

A surcharge may be applied to have mane hair used, please contact me to discuss. 

The surcharge will not be hundreds but a little extra due to the amount of work required for mane hair.

Can i Take my completed products out of Australia?

You will need to contact the Quarantine Department of the the Country you are entering.


Forever Entwined will not be held responsible for any fines or infringements incurred in relation to sending or taking items to another country.

How to pay?

Once i have received your hair i will confirm the item and order.

Once i have started making the items i will request FULL payment. 

Items MUST be paid for in FULL before they are returned to you.

Payments can be made via Paypal, Direct Deposit or Eftpos.

Postage costs will be added to your ordered item cost along with any washing fee.

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