Welcome to Forever Entwined!

My name is Jo, and i live in Wagga Wagga NSW with my Husband and 3 young kiddies.

Horse have always been a huge part of my life.

Some of us are lucky enough to have that 1 horse thats changes your life, who becomes not only your best mate but your soulmate of the equine world and in short your life.

Forever Entwined has come about all because of my love of my best mate Angie.

Angie was a 14.3hh Thoroughbred Chestnut Mare. A pocket rocket who not only had an attitude but a whole lot of love for me. 

She came into my life when i was 11 and stayed with me right till the end which came about in Jan 2015.

In those 24yrs we had together we did it all. From Pony club, shows, sporting mounted games, stock work, dressage, one day events and showjumping. I dont think there was anything we didnt have a go at. She was a horse who gave me everything she could 100% of the time.

I had to make the heart breaking decision to put her to sleep as she approached her 34th year and on the 7th of Jan 2015, At approx 11.30am she took her final breath.

A day that stays with and has me in tears even as i write this.

Her last breath was a soft nicker - as final goodbye to me. 

It was from this loss of my beautiful girl that Forever Entwined was born. 

From a broken heart, an idea and $100 a business was born!

I get hold a part of my girl in my hand everyday. 

Gorgeous colours i never knew she had in her tail till now.

I wear this bracelet all day everyday.

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